Cinnamon rolls and a broken oven

It was a short night! I had woken up at the crack of dawn to make cinnamon rolls from scratch. I love being in the kitchen so despite my sleepy eyes I was happy to be doing this. I measured everything carefully and started my bread maker. It would make the dough for about 2 hours and I would go back to sleep for one of those hours. When I woke up again, everything was still going according to plan. I got ready to meet the people I was baking for. The timer went off, signaling the dough was ready. I rolled out the dough and went to work making one of my favorite breakfast treats.

I preheated the oven. Somehow 10 minutes later it had not reached the target temperature. “Not to worry, “I reassured myself,  “I will just wait a little more.” I did. The oven never did reach the right temperature. I tried to figure out a way around the problem but still had half baked cinnamon rolls that would never make it to the targeted group on time.

My labor of love would  just go down the drain.

Thank you for cinnamon rolls and broken ovens.

I wrote this in my thankfulness journal. As soon as I wrote it, something else became apparent. Someone lavishes my life with labors of love. How often do I take them for granted? When I navigate a day filled with hand picked blessings and all I can do is complain, am I not that broken oven? Yet, He never gives up. He keeps showing up. He keeps pursuing me with His love.

No matter what happens with these cinnamon rolls Lord, help me see how well you love me. No matter what happens in my life, that is way bigger than a broken oven, help me remember your unfathomable love for me.

End of journal entry. And now to finish saving the cinnamon rolls.

This moment was captured as part of my journey through the 1000 gifts challenge .

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