Christmas cookies and happy socks 

I was winding up my work day by mentally bargaining with the unknown to fit my errands into the time I had left in the day to do them. The plans were not fully formed in my head, but they included finding stocking stuffers and making a dish for the Christmas potluck. I drove through unusually light traffic, twisting and turning ideas in my head on what to get, what to cook, and how best to do both those things.
I stopped at the store first. My mind urging me to hurry through and get what I needed. That errand wrapped up in no time and I was home. Print the recipe. Pull out ingredients. Start baking cookies. My mind urges me to hurry. The night is getting away and I need to get this baking done and then move on to the next thing. I am thankful I have a plan and it’s taking shape.

Thank you for Christmas cookies and happy socks.

I had paused and recorded my thanks, now it was time to get to work. As I started pulling the recipe together, I realized the richness of the moment soon to be lost if I kept hurrying through it. My Christmas lights were on, I had calm music playing in the background and my holiday candle was burning. I was making cookies for a Christmas potluck and rolling up happy socks in ribbon for all the stockings. Despite the demands of the night,  this was a beautiful moment. No one can celebrate in a hurry, all celebration takes time. Time to prepare and time to enjoy. As I prepared for this potluck, was I not doing what many before me had done? Was I not making time today for tomorrow’s celebration?  Should I not have also recognized  this  as an opportunity to work in joyful celebration of the present moment? Should I not have silenced the anxious murmurings of my mind and let myself take in the moment in its entirety?

Lord, help me remember that my time is on your hands and you have designed this moment to be savored. Help me choose to celebrate your goodness in this moment.

By now, I was in the groove of my baking routine and loving it. I was thankful for the reminder to soak in the richness of what I was engaging in. The timer goes off . It’s now time to remove the first batch of cookies.

This is a moment captured as part of my journey through the 1000 gifts challenge click here to read about this challenge.

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