Beauty infused in ordinary moments

I had three stops to make before I got home. My secret to sometimes enjoying errands is headphones and a fabulous playlist! I had my work out music on  and every so often, when I was sure no one was paying attention, I sneaked in a quick dance move as I went from one store to another. This evening was off to a good start. I made all three stops and was on my way home. As I was getting closer to my apartment, the car ahead of me was driving much slower than usual through the neighborhood back roads. I slowed down to match his speed. It wasn’t worth it to pass him. He soon turned right leaving the rest of the road to me. I would normally have picked up speed but just at that moment, I noticed beautiful Christmas lights on the dead end street to my left. I was passing the street as I noticed the lights but quickly turned around and went back. I curved with the road to the end of the cul-de-sac taking in the simple beauty around me. I later wrote in my journal:

Thank you for beauty infused in ordinary moments.

Lord, thank you for moments like this where I am perfectly at rest enjoying what is in front of me. I am thankful you can build a sense of restful timelessness into the shortest amount of time. Help me pause and enjoy these kind of moments more often.

In 10 of the most unhurried minutes of my day, I finished my scenic detour and found my way back home.


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