Corned beef, black eyed peas, and cabbage 

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Corned beef, black eyed peas, and cabbage. A New Years meal for good luck and financial gain. A meal I enjoyed under the warm hospitality of acquaintances turned into friends, friends into heart warming friends. This transformation was a year and a half old. This transformation was a good way to commemorate the first day of this new year. 2017 we welcome you with laughter, love, full bellies, and a raised glass.

Thank you for friends who become heart warming friends!

I later record in my thankfulness journal. As this new year dawns, Lord help me be a part of the process that changes strangers to acquaintances, acquaintances to friends and friends to heart warming friends. The more people  I see,  the more ways I engage, the more my heart learns love, the more love becomes the currency of my world. This world, I want to live in.


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