Essential conversations and neglected dinners 

My phone was in my hand when the screen lit up indicating an incoming call. I did not let it ring twice and soon an energetic conversation was being transmitted across the line. My good friend Sophie was returning my call and our conversation meandered through the details of our lives in the last few days.  As we talked it hit me anew that I had not been sleeping or eating much in the last couple of weeks. Oddly, I had not given it much thought until I voiced it.

As soon as Sophie had a decent understanding of the situation, she immediately engaged me in a direct solution. Action point one: get on an eating schedule. Action point two: find a good way to unwind before bed. Action point three:get some exercise. Action point four: I (Sophie) will send you some plantain chips. Needless to say, number four was my favorite! Having established my love for anything involving plantains, she knew plantain chips would certainly help with my food funk. That alone was motivation enough to implement action points one through three.

Thank you for essential conversations and neglected dinners

“Lord, thank you for sweet friends who choose to have those necessary conversations that get you back on track. Whether it is as simple as four action points or a complicated unraveling; help me be that kind of friend to the people you have placed in my life.”

As our conversation came to an end, I finished a bowl of lentil and pumpkin soup. The pleasant feeling of a full stomach and a full heart growing within me as we said our good byes and hang up.


2 thoughts on “Essential conversations and neglected dinners 

  1. So glad you are eating and hopefully sleeping again. It is so easy to not know you are in the midst of something like that until you verbalize it. May we always remember to check in with friends who bring us back on track 🙂 Learning that lesson too.


    1. So true! And thank you for the innumerable times you have done this for me! I will never forget the conversations, prayers, encouragement you have given over the years as we have taken on different challenges and passed through various seasons! You are a wonderful friend!


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