Scented Candles and Quiet Moments 

I am finally seated on my favorite chair at the end of the day. I am tired but my body keeps tricking me with bursts of pseudo energy manifesting itself in a mix of distracted beginnings of multiple activities. I finally realized that I was walking around in circles so now I am seated. The scent of the candle I lit is filling air and one of my favorite albums is playing in the background. This outward calm is helping me be still enough to write in my thankfulness journal. That is what I sat in this chair to do. It will help my heart quiet down and then I will be able to figure out how to make the most of my evening.

Thank you for scented candles and quiet moments

As I journal, my mind combs through the day identifying the blessings embedded in it. I feel myself relax and my heart becomes lighter with gratitude. This was a good first step to re-configuring my evening.

Lord, when I am feeling restless help me stop and do something that makes me more aware of you. In your presence, my heart finds rest. I am most productive when my heart is at rest. As I finish writing in my thankfulness journal a plan for the evening begins to take shape in my mind. Task one, find dinner.

This short reflection is a part of the 1000 gifts thankfulness challenge 2017.


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