This imperfect lifestyle of thankfulness

It is Friday when I write the weekly Thursday-Thankful post. It is Sunday before I publish the post. This statement alone is a good reflection of what this week has been. Full to overflowing. Blessing and challenge. Rewarding and exhausting. Draining and filling. Somewhere in the midst of all of it, the important gets done and everything undone finds a different place on the list.

Whispered thankfulness saves me. It offers a handle on the overwhelming. Rapid, spoken thankfulness in moments of rising anxiety center my heart and calm my body. My God is here. My face labeled frustrated. The tone of my voice labeled strained. My words tinged with hard tones. All on the surface of a heart working hard to turn the tide thankful from stressful. Remembering my God is here.

So today I write:

Thank you for the imperfect practice of thankfulness.

Sometimes it’s face is contorted stressed. Sometimes it’s voice is strained. It’s a work of grace. Softening the rough edges. Inspiring quiet strength and calm in the stretching moments. Again, I choose it, I live it out. This quiet practice, that has transformed my life.

This weekly  reflection is a part of the 1000 gifts challenge


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