Change for this self-magnifying life

Magnify. My life is lived to magnify. My actions, postures, words, attitudes all magnify something. It is my design. A distinctly human design.  The question is: in my day to day moments, what does my life make much of? My mind has circled around this thought all week. This challenge. This call to awareness.

Plans made that succeed. Fun new experiences. Unexpected challenges. Small annoyances. Days hectic turned joyful. Mundane beautiful moments. Changing seasons. Celebrating milestones. Each moment offers choices. What will I magnify? Will I magnify  my frustration and discontent? Will I magnify my entitlement and selfishness?  Will I magnify myself?

I navigate my moments this week conscious. Aware of what steals my heart’s awe-attention. I begin to see the choice in the moment’s eve, to magnify the lack of or magnify the abundance of. The potential thieves of my hearts awe-attention are growing less subtle. So today I say, yes, it is hectic but no, I will not complain. The next day I say, yes, it did not go as planned but no, I will not wallow.

The words echo again and again. Magnify the lord with me. This psalm-song has been my mainstay this week.  It continually calls my heart to worship. I am reminded of my life’s purpose – make much of God. Magnify him. What else fills a thankful heart with wonder but his majesty? What else magnifies his greatness but our humble thanks?  It’s a simple practice. But a practice it still is. My heart is learning. My entire being is re-calibrating, transforming. This self-magnifying life, so consumed with it’s own troubles is slowly turning. I am learning to magnify the one whose beauty and majesty fills and satisfies. So today I write:

Thank you for change for this self-magnifying life.

Lord, help me choose again and again to magnify you in all my moments.

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”

Psalm 34:3 (NASB)



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