Barren Beauty and Changing Seasons

I have loved the clear landscape of the winter. With some of the fullness and brightness of the greenery gone, other things stood out beautiful. Stunning skies with pencil sketched stick trees reminding me that our creator is a true artist. Looking out over my city and sensing the wonder of vastness in the unobstructed view. I took it all in feeling comforted when I was out of sorts, delighted when my heart was settled, and captivated when my eyes were on Him- our creator God.

These last few weeks have brought in a wet change in seasons.  Green creeps back into the landscape filling it with life. Tiny leaves on big trees, lifeless grass changing life filled, birds landing on my balcony rail more often. This too is beautiful.  I was pondering this change on my drive to work, where most of my good thinking happens. My mind has felt crowded lately, constantly problem solving, creating and checking off tasks on a list, sometimes worrying, sometimes just trying to figure out the right way to do things.  In my pondering, I was comforted by the changing seasons. I realized that my life is full of changing seasons too. Some change irreversibly but others, like winter and spring, change cyclically. When my seasons change, winter to spring, I need not be frantic on the inside; I can learn to see the new beauty a new season brings. I can learn to recognize and take hold of the sufficient grace for this season. I can choose to live  well in this season and when it changes,  I can choose to accept the next season with joy.

Thank you for changing seasons reminding me that you allow changing seasons in my life too.


Whether they are permanently changing seasons,

 Or cyclical more temporary changing seasons,

Lord, help me see the beauty and grace in every season.


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