Rainy day walks

Rainy day walks

I started out the rainy weekend with a friend on a fresh, brisk, wet walk. We were not going to let a rainy day stop us from getting some fresh air and getting active. It was refreshing. We conversed easily about the happenings of our lives  and maneuvered to avoid stepping into big puddles as  the rain fell. I was thankful. Thankful for times like these to interact, reflect, and reset.

I like the rain. There is something so powerful about the way it washes over everything like a much-needed cleansing. Rainy days often remind me of how much I need grace like rain to flow through my heart and wash away all the needless worry, angst, fear, and hurt that sometimes builds up there. Interestingly, even though I do like the rain, I am often wishing it away.  Similarly, sometimes  when God rains down his grace in my life I find myself wishing it away. Grace in the form of challenges that reveal sin in me, grace in the form of waiting periods that show me where my hopes are misplaced, grace in the form of wake up calls  that allow me to experience his transforming power instead of unproductive complacency.  Thankfully He is wise enough to override my sometimes silly wishes and give me what I need.

Thank you for rainy day walks, reminding me to step out into the grace you rain into my life.

Lord, help me recognize the ways you rain down your grace in my life. Help me stop wasting time wishing it away when it does not come in the way I prefer. Instead, help me delight in the opportunity for cleansing and resetting that your grace in my life brings.


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