Walking through open doors

This week I found a better work-play balance. Yet looking back on the week, I still see many moments of anxiety about things that are falling through the cracks or still on a list. I still hear myself questioning the things I said no to, to find some balance. I find myself looking back with mild dissatisfaction and looking ahead at the coming week with a renewed sense of angst. Does the cycle seem familiar? Loving the Friday evenings and almost instantly dreading the ever approaching Mondays? Feeling the grind of moving from task to task such that you are not really enjoying your moments whatever they may be filled with?

Today as I was doing my weekly planning  I had a recurring thought. In life, there are open and closed doors. We can spend our time rattling the handles of all the closed doors or walking through the open doors.  Every day I have this choice. I can rattle the handles of the closed doors by worrying about tasks unaccomplished or lamenting taking “too much time” to do something. I can stare down closed doors with complaints and dread or I can choose the alternative.

I can choose to walk through open doors with thankfulness. Choosing to be thankful for a moment or a day even if it does not go as planned. I can choose to walk through the open doors by engaging the people who are in my days and moments. Somehow it’s easy to get so stuck in my own head I fail to see the people around me and invest in them somehow. Whether it is a smile, a kind hello or good bye, a listening ear or an act of kindness.  I can choose to go through open doors by giving my attention to the present moment. For instance, as I cook I could worry about the paperwork I need to do or just enjoy the cooking, and then tackle the paper work later and give it my full attention then.

Thank you for the open doors.


Lord help me walk through the open doors you have given by: choosing thankfulness, giving attention to this present moment, and engaging the people around me. There are open doors all around me, help me stop wasting time rattling the ones that are shut.




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