Things that fill a life

It is the end of the day. I am seated at my desk sorting through the day’s paperwork. Winding things up. Making note of what needs to be handled tomorrow.   Texting as things come to mind – attending to my life outside work. My phone rings in the midst of it, a new friend on the other side. The conversation flows easy. Beautiful words come across both ends of the line. Needy hearts finding encouragement in the truth the other brings. We are both healed and refreshed by each other and the God who made us.  I hang up and work a little more. The phone rings again. Another beautiful soul on the other side of the line. The day’s challenges talked about. This wonderful friendship affirming that neither one of us walks alone.  My heart swells thankful for people to do life with. My end-of-the-day work-wind-up is concluding. I need to leave to meet her – another beautiful soul, a friendship blossomed in an unexpected place.   I make it somewhat on time to the coffee shop and we talk non-stop for 1.5 hours. Laugh about life. Walk with her toddler. Soak up every minute of our time together. Her, bringing my adventuring heart back to life. Both of us loving how much has happened in each other’s lives in the time we have spent apart. It’s beautiful. The time fills my heart.

I drive home thoughtful. What fills a life? Full busy schedules? People? Adventures? Goals? Ambitions?  Faith? Yes. Yes, to all those and more. But in the midst of full lives do I remember what brings life to my full days?  Do I say yes often enough to the life-bringing pursuits?  Do I guilt myself out of the life giving to accommodate the full life? Today I said yes to the life-giving amidst the full life.  I don’t always say yes. In fact, I most often cut out the life-giving for the sake of the full life.  But how do you live the full life without the life-giving? What is worth becoming an empty shell navigating a full life?

Contemplation turns into caution. Life is too precious not to be lived fully. Say yes more to the life-giving, let it fill your full life with true life.


“ Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom”

Psalm 90: 12


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